How to Change Your Homepage

This will help you change your homepage for whichever browser you have. We’ll provide links for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Just click the correct browser below.

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

Useful add-ons

Google Chrome
New Tab Redirect! – Lets you enter a link that you want your new tab to automatically load.

Mozilla Firefox
New Tab Homepage – Just what the name says. When you open a new tab, it will automatically be your homepage.


If you still need help with any settings, feel free to contact us.

Drag and Drop Functionality

We have recently implemented drag and drop functionality to make reordering easier for our users. After you create your homepage, just drag a tile and drop it in the location you want.

As if having your own homepage wasn’t convenient enough, we just had to make reordering it convenient as well.

Get your own homepage here, if you haven’t already made one.

What we do

Let’s just say we’re lazy. We, at Tilerun, have allowed users to create custom homepages with links to whatever site you like. So when you open up your browser, a selection of your favorite sites is the first thing you see. Plus, it looks cool.

You can customize the page to any size in order to get look that feels good. If you add a site that doesn’t currently have an image for it, you can always login and suggest that we add it. We’re adding new ones everyday.

Make your own homepage now!